Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So I noticed that I'm wearing all pink this morning.  Pink sweats, pink thermal, pink socks, and pink slippers.  I like the look, even though it's pajamas.  What does pink remind me of?  First of all, bubble gum.  Not sure why--I don't even necessarily like bubble gum.  I surely don't like bubble gum ice cream.

But I like pink.  It's soft and not firm.  It's pleasant and not sad.  It's easy and not hard.  It's comfortable and not scratchy.  It's feminine and not masculine.  (That last one is from society, but I accept it.)

Pink is not my very most favorite color, but I like it very much just the same.  Pink is a nice feeling to have.  Rosy cheeks, happy thoughts, flowy blouses, painted toenails.  Oh, I get it!  Pink somehow reminds me of Summer, and Summer is my favorite season!  I even like Pink's music.  There now, Have A Nice Pink Summer Day!!

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